We are an established lowsec pirate alliance free from the trappings of sovereignty and other political bullshit. We maintain minimal blue standings; almost everything and everyone outside of our alliance is a valid target.

You should probably consider joining us.

What we do

The area in which we operate is a continious conveyor belt of interesting and challenging PVP. We fly a range of fleets from small gang fuckery to full-blown capital brawls. We have developed some solid doctrines which we continually refine and develop.

Our members are free to exploit the resources available in our home region to the fullest. This includes ratting, exploration, mission running, manufacturing, trading as well as gratuitous amounts of salt farming. We also have access to a nullsec system for excellent ISK generation.


With easy access to some of the hottest PVP areas in lowsec, the action is never far away.

Our home is an active faction warfare area and some of the busiest highsec-to-lowsec stargates which are ideal for gate camping. We also easy access to nullsec and other busy lowsec regions. We also operate regular... excursions... to other areas of lowsec.

We regularly tangle with the other inhabitants of lowsec from the big names to the small fry.

Panic on zKillboard

Alliance Services

We support our membership by providing a range of alliance services.

Ship reimbursement program
Fleet doctrines
Skill plans
Jumpclone services
Alliance contracts

Haulage services to and from Jita
Comms tools; Teamspeak and Slack
Access to nullsec ratting
Manufacturing and research
Dank memes


We're looking for pilots who will fit in with the rest of our membership. You must be friendly, active and willing to make a real contribution to the alliance you will call home. Don't worry if don't have a lot of PVP experience or have never lived in lowsec - we'll show you the ropes!

There are however some minimum requirements you must meet:

You must be willing to PVP
Your character must have a minimum of 10m skill points
You must be comfortable with the use of voice comms... and own a mic
You must have an established source of ISK
You will have to provide full API access for all of your accounts
You must have a positive attitude and you must not be an asshole

Ready to apply?

Panic Stations Recruiting

is the channel you should join to speak to one of our recruiters